Laws vs. Morality

TLLast week, Tomi Lahren came out as being “Pro-Choice” with her statement of believing in limited government and likening gun laws as the same as abortion laws: “Stay out of my guns and you can stay out of my body as well!”. While everyone else is out there shredding her for her flip-flop position, I want to discuss how she flippantly compared gun laws to abortion laws.

The first and major difference is their function. Gun laws are meant to protect life while abortion laws are meant for the ending of life. When gun laws are changed, more lives are potentially saved due to stricter regulation. Yet, abortion laws remain loose and leave a wider possibility of victimhood.

The second and most easily recognized difference is the sheer constitutionality of the matter. The right to bear firearms is explicitly guaranteed to the American citizen. Yet, the “right” to an abortion was up to interpretation and built on practically straws. In fact, there are other amendments that could be interpreted to nullify the findings of the 1973 SCOTUS ruling

The third difference is the moral responsibility behind each issue. Firearms are a tool and mankind has a moral responsibility to use the tool accordingly. Just as with a hammer, a vehicle, or a pencil, you as the operator of the tool have obligations to control and use the tool as is intended. But with abortion, all moral responsibility has been removed on paper. As society, we have agreed that whomever uses a gun any way that it is not intended for, is held responsible. We as a society have also agreed that whoever participates in an abortion is not responsible for the ending of life, all the while neglecting responsibility of the conscience.

As you see, gun laws and abortion laws are vastly different and should never have been compared together. Look, we get she was thinking on her feet and those were the best examples she could find to illustrate her identity as “limited government/ constitutional conservative”. But her choice in example was poor and uneducated. Really, nothing can be compared to abortion laws, as there is nothing else like it in our country.

Tomi, I’m also for a limited government. I also consider myself a constitutional conservative. But, being for limited government and a constitutional conservative should never be a preface to saying “I’m Pro-Choice”. The same people who are rallying behind the Pro-Choice movement are the people lobbying for bigger government, and she has now identified as one of them.

Tomi, you were right… you cannot legislate morality. But, you also cannot be a constitutional conservative and be “Pro-Choice”. Maybe try identifying with the Libertarians.