B.A. = B.S.


Alright, so I know this blog is supposed to be my political soap box where I get up and tell you why you are wrong on your opinions, all with pretty words. But, today, I want to take a more personal approach and maybe have a little vent fest too. I am going to be completely candid and completely raw with you… and myself. I pretend I am writing to an audience, but really I am just writing to myself. So bear with me as I go on this self-indulging rant, as I am sure my thoughts will be scrambled and maybe not even complete as I work through what I am trying to say.

Recently I felt the urge to creep on someone that I used to know. It was in my recent creep sesh that I once again had to come face to face with what this individual thought of a Christian education. I know, I basically asked for it going to their page… and I had had several conversations with this person regarding the subject, so it wasn’t like it was anything new. But, not having heard their view in such a long time, basically kick started this vent. This isn’t a hate fest for this person, but more of a way for me to finally say what I have been wanting to. I guess I should thank them for giving me the inspiration to voice what I have wanted to for a long time. Again, sorry it is not politics, maybe at the end I will tie in an Amendment Right… no promises though.

This person posted a picture with a caption “When your bible college degree fails you”. As someone who graduated from a Bible college, my feel-bads got hurt. This is a slap in the face, not only to my education, but to basically everyone who was ever enrolled in a Bible college. Having had known the individual for a few years, and knowing their educational background, I understand where they are coming from, and it was not from a place of enlightenment.

Let’s start with the fact that this person was explicitly referring to “unaccredited” Christian colleges. By saying “when your bible college degree fails you”, you are solely focusing on the tangible piece of paper. You think that having an “accredited” degree will get you anywhere in life and that the world will respect you. You put all your value on your debt-induced education. All so you can say, “I have a piece of paper from a place of learning that the State deemed worthy enough to teach their version of education”.

This idea is a bunch of malarkey and has taken our country by force. This idea that you need a piece of paper from an “accredited” school so you can be perceived as an acceptable addition to the job market is absurd. What happened to good ole fashioned character? What happened to becoming qualified instead of just having a degree? They say experience is worth more than knowledge… but, somewhere along the line we have flipped it.

#sorrynotsorry but my Christian education, my Bible college degree, has not failed me by any means. If anything, I probably had some advantages. For starters, I graduated debt free. Not too many people can say that after completing a Bachelor’s in 4 years. I also grew as an individual in my prioritizing. I maintained a high GPA, I was involved in my church and their ministries, I served as an RA, I took a minimum of 18 credit hours every semester (sometimes more than 20), I worked 40 hour work weeks and had papers due almost every other week, and somehow managed to have a social life. I look back at those years spent at my Christian college and I often wonder how I did it? It wasn’t like the state colleges that let you choose to come to class if you want, or do the bare minimum course load. It was basically like military boot camp, but without the rewards of muscle building. With my Bible college degree, I can honestly answer job applications with “yes, I have a degree”. Whether they choose to acknowledge the “accreditation” or not is on them. So, I am sorry, where has it failed me?

“But, Jael!”, you’ll say, “You wasted 4 years of your life getting a degree in a field that you have no desire or call to be in. You are overlooked for positions, all because you do not have a real degree. You are starting your education all over again because none of your credits transferred to the State school. You let your (_____________) dictate your education and now you are paying for it. How can you say you were not failed?!” Alright, you’re right, I do feel discriminated against when I get overlooked for something because my degree doesn’t say University. But, then after I go through my rant, I realize the hypocrisy of an accredited degree in the first place and know I am more valuable than a piece of paper.

I knew before I ever enrolled at my college, that if I was going to pursue a career outside of the Christian school, then I was going to have a long road of education in front of me. I knew this my Freshman year of high school. This was not a choice I made purely based on peer pressure or to make my parents happy. This was a decision I went into fully knowing the consequences of. So yes, I am starting over with my education. But, I knew this would be the case and I have no one to blame but myself. Besides, I am a major nerd and actually enjoy school.

Ask any graduate working in the secular field why they went to Bible college and more times than not, they will reply with something to the degree of “My parents made me.” or “My friends all went, so…” or “Idk, just thought since I graduated from Christian school I should go to Christian college.”, usually filled with some resentment. They neglect the fact that they are a grown individual who can and should take responsibility for their education. Legally, once you are 18, your parents can no longer dictate your education. So if you went out of fear of them, but all the while knew you should not be there, then that is on you. No one forced you to go to Bible college. It’s no secret that Bible college is unaccredited. You, as an adult, made the decision to attend.

Stop blaming others for your decision. Stop criticizing the education you received because it did not offer the world’s view on science or history. Stop playing the victim. Go out there and show the world that you do not need validation from them. Show your company that you are more than qualified because you have experience and not just the knowledge. Disprove the philosophy of needing an Ivy League education to make a 6 figure income. You do not need a government endorsed education to make a difference in your life or anyone else’s.

Rant over.


One thought on “B.A. = B.S.

  1. You go, girl! I’m glad that you can see the value of education for what it means to /you/ and not base it on some piece of paper that shallow people use to judge you. In time, God will provide for those who trust in Him and do His will, and if that plan includes going to Bible college, there’s no way that choice will ever fail anyone. Sounds like said person has a lack of faith or a lack of accountability for their own choices!

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